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Welcome to the online portfolio of Toni Massaar.

Toni Massaar is since several years a vector-based-illustrator and graphic designer.

Carried by a smoking Cuban sigar and some nice aged rums, he pretty gets anything done, when it comes to illustrating.

Enough said about me in the third person for now... :)

Who I am:
Born in Delft (in the Rotterdam Area), the Netherlands in 1975, and for as long I can remember, with a pencil in my little fist. Sure my characters were like anybody else should draw; broomstick-figures and doodles, and after a while I started to copy cartoon characters, like Lucky Luke and Garfield (more than once by the way, that was the best way to practice...). When I went to high school, they taught me how to draw on other levels, and art-history (cool!). So from cartoon-characters, I went up to draw real-life-things. With these basics, you probably all expect that I went to some high graphic-academy? Well; I became a chef. :-)
After about ten years, I quit cooking and began drawing and sketching again. Only, less with pencil and pieces of paper, and more with computers. I taught myself to use multiple sorts of graphic programs, and that's basicly my story until today, when it comes to illustrating.

What I do:
I would like to call myself a vector-based illustrator. I love to create nice designs for offices, nice logo's for businesses, but also I love to make nice canvas-paintings. And the subject? Whatever you like!I also have some nice connections when it comes to canvas-material, so that shouldn't stop you either... :) For those people who don't know what I mean with the term 'Vector', here's a little explanation. Vectors are basicly lines which are the clearest of them all. With a picture, build up out of vectors, you can scale as large or as little as you like; the quality of the creation will remain. Mainly that's the same reason, why most of the offset-companies use also these standards (.ai or.eps)

I hope you all will enjoy my portfolio. If you have anything to ask, please feel free to do so. Also when you want me to create something, then don't hesitate to get in contact.

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